Placement of infrared film heaters of the Zebra modular type on the ceiling surface raises the question: "How does heating happen if the Zebra modular type infrared heating heater is on top?".

To better understand, let's start with a concept of what infrared radiation is.
Infrared radiation is a constituent part of electromagnetic waves. It passes in a narrow spectral region between the visible light (wavelength λ = 0.74 μm) and microwave radiation (λ ~ 1-2 mm). Another name for this radiation is "thermal", since it is his human body that perceives it as a sensation of heat. One of the sources of Infrared (thermal) radiation is the Sun, it is the main source of heat on Earth. It is located on top and heats up the surface of the earth and water with its rays, and the air is already heated from them, which rises upwards. However, when we fly by plane, we are told that outside the altitude of 10 km the temperature is minus 40 ° C, although we are closer to the sun! Why? Just as you rise, warm air loses its energy and cools.

If we transfer this natural physical principle to a room heated by Zebra heaters located on the ceiling, we get, in contrast to the convective systems, the warmest air - at the floor. It is on this principle that the Zebra heaters work. Located at the most optimal altitude (2 - 5 meters from the floor), they act on the principle of the Sun, directing the flow of warm rays down. Effective heating of rooms is done by direct exposure to infrared rays on the surface of the floor, walls, furniture, equipment and other items. Absorbing heat rays, these surfaces very quickly warm up and begin to give heat to the surrounding room. As a result - Zebra heaters create almost ideal conditions for human life.
A modular heater is installed on the base of the ceiling (instruction on the site).
Before installing the Zebra heaters, the ceiling base must be covered with a special material with heat reflective properties.
We draw your attention that it is necessary to cover not less than 60% of its area.
Once the system is installed and started. Zebra heating elements are supplied with a current that is converted into thermal energy, under which all objects of the room (floor, furniture, etc.), located in the zone of the Zebra heating system, begin to warm up and give off heat.
An integral part of the Zebra heating system is the Temperature Controller, which continuously removes the room temperature readings and as soon as the set parameter reaches the required parameters, the system turns off.
With the power of the Zebra 66W heater, the system consumes only 10-20 W / h per m², since the heating system is not permanently in operation, but only for a certain time, on average it is about 5 to 20 minutes per hour (depending on insulation and structural features of the premises).
In order to properly select the required number of modular heaters, we recommend that you contact our company, the specialists will make a quick and free calculation.

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