Zebra is an infrared film heater of modular type that generates thermal energy under the influence of electricity.
Zebra is able to become the main source of heating for any building or separate premises. Heating is done quickly, with minimal energy costs. With the power of the Zebra 66W heater, the system consumes only 10-20 W / h per m², since the heating system is not permanently in operation, but only for a certain time, on average it is about 5 to 20 minutes per hour (depending on insulation and structural features of the premises).In order to properly select the required number of modular heaters, we recommend that you contact our company, the specialists will make a quick and free calculation. Heater Zebra is able to compete with any type of heating. One of the main advantages and the main difference between the Zebra heater and other infrared film systems is the nickel-containing alloy heating element, as well as the structural simplicity of the modules. It allows not only to make a quick installation of the system, but also save on components (you do not need boilers, pipes, radiators and other equipment).
The system of infrared film heaters of modular Zebra type is environmentally friendly, has a record efficiency, differs in the rate of warming up the room, is economical, fireproof, has high reliability, does not require any expenses for preparation for the heating season, repair and daily maintenance.
The system of infra-red film heaters of modular type Zebra is established only on 60% from a heated area of ​​a premise.
Company Mercury.BG Group gives a guarantee for heaters Zebra 25 years.

Heater heater design.

1. The grounded aluminum housing perfectly distributes heat throughout the surface of the heater, protects against electric shock and does not support combustion

2. The polymer layer provides a reliable electrical insulation and tightly closes the current-carrying parts of the heater

3. The nickel-containing alloy is a heating element

4. The power cord is used to connect to a standard electrical network

The infrared film heater of the Zebra modular type has the following parameters:

Appearance Zebra:
The branch wires (phase, zero)
2. Earthing contact
3. Company logo, indicating the working side of the heater

4. Heating elements
5. Fixing Fields
6. Cutting line
• Rated voltage UH - 220 V, 50 Hz
• The maximum power is 66 W
• Rated load current Iн - 1 A / m 2
• Max. heating temperature 45-50 ° С
• Sheet thickness - no more than 1 mm
Zebra heater range:
• Length - 0.6 m
• Width - 0,5 m

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