In contrast to the water-heated floor, the Zebra modular-type infrared film heater system is easier to select and easier to install. It is the simplicity of the Zebra heater system that determines their high reliability!

The basic way of transferring heat from the Zebra heater is conduction.
When the Zebra warm floor system is switched on, the heat flow from the heating elements quickly begins to transfer to the floor surfaces, evenly distributing the comfort temperature over the entire heated surface. From the heated floor, in turn, the air in the room is rapidly heated. You can control the temperature in your room to within a degree! You set the desired temperature in degrees on the thermoregulator - and the system of the warm floor Zebra supports it in automatic mode. The warm floor of Zebra is economical: the system consumes just as much electricity as necessary to compensate for the heat lost by your room. The efficiency of infrared film heaters of modular Zebra type is almost equal to 95%.

So, the warm floor of Zebra is a reliable underfloor heating system that meets the highest requirements in terms of comfort and safety required for modern working and living conditions. By installing Zebra warm floors, you can use them in a wide range of tasks - from providing daily comfort to full functioning as a heating system.

An important property of the Zebra warm floor is that, due to the absence of high-temperature heat sources, the air in the room retains a natural moisture level, providing the most comfortable for a person microclimate.

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