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Zebra is an infrared film heater of modular type that generates thermal energy under the influence of electricity.
Zebra is able to become the main source of heating for any building or separate premises. Heating is done quickly, with minimal energy costs. With the power of the Zebra 66W heater, the system consumes only 10-20 W / h per m², since the heating system is not permanently in operation, but only for a certain time, on average it is about 5 to 20 minutes per hour (depending on insulation and structural features of the premises).In order to properly select the required number of modular heaters, we recommend that you contact our company, the specialists will make a quick and free calculation. Heater Zebra is able to compete with any type of heating. One of the main advantages and the main difference between the Zebra heater and other infrared film systems is the nickel-containing alloy heating element, as well as the structural simplicity of the modules. It allows not only to make a quick installation of the system, but also save on components (you do not need boilers, pipes, radiators and other equipment).
The system of infrared film heaters of modular Zebra type is environmentally friendly, has a record efficiency, differs in the rate of warming up the room, is economical, fireproof, has high reliability, does not require any expenses for preparation for the heating season, repair and daily maintenance.
The system of infra-red film heaters of modular type Zebra is established only on 60% from a heated area of ​​a premise.
Company Mercury.BG Group gives a guarantee for heaters Zebra 25 years.

Heater heater design.

1. The grounded aluminum housing perfectly distributes heat throughout the surface of the heater, protects against electric shock and does not support combustion

2. The polymer layer provides a reliable electrical insulation and tightly closes the current-carrying parts of the heater

3. The nickel-containing alloy is a heating element

4. The power cord is used to connect to a standard electrical network

Appearance Zebra:
The branch wires (phase, zero)
2. Earthing contact
3. Company logo, indicating the working side of the heater

The infrared film heater of the Zebra modular type has the following parameters:

4. Heating elements
5. Fixing Fields
6. Cutting line
• Rated voltage UH - 220 V, 50 Hz
• The maximum power is 66 W
• Rated load current Iн - 1 A / m 2
• Max. heating temperature 45-50 ° С
• Sheet thickness - no more than 1 mm
Zebra heater range:
• Length - 0.6 m
• Width - 0,5 m



Placement of infrared film heaters of the Zebra modular type on the ceiling surface raises the question: "How does heating happen if the Zebra modular type infrared heating heater is on top?".

To better understand, let's start with a concept of what infrared radiation is.
Infrared radiation is a constituent part of electromagnetic waves. It passes in a narrow spectral region between the visible light (wavelength λ = 0.74 μm) and microwave radiation (λ ~ 1-2 mm). Another name for this radiation is "thermal", since it is his human body that perceives it as a sensation of heat. One of the sources of Infrared (thermal) radiation is the Sun, it is the main source of heat on Earth. It is located on top and heats up the surface of the earth and water with its rays, and the air is already heated from them, which rises upwards. However, when we fly by plane, we are told that outside the altitude of 10 km the temperature is minus 40 ° C, although we are closer to the sun! Why? Just as you rise, warm air loses its energy and cools.

If we transfer this natural physical principle to a room heated by Zebra heaters located on the ceiling, we get, in contrast to the convective systems, the warmest air - at the floor. It is on this principle that the Zebra heaters work. Located at the most optimal altitude (2 - 5 meters from the floor), they act on the principle of the Sun, directing the flow of warm rays down. Effective heating of rooms is done by direct exposure to infrared rays on the surface of the floor, walls, furniture, equipment and other items. Absorbing heat rays, these surfaces very quickly warm up and begin to give heat to the surrounding room. As a result - Zebra heaters create almost ideal conditions for human life.
A modular heater is installed on the base of the ceiling (instruction on the site).
Before installing the Zebra heaters, the ceiling base must be covered with a special material with heat reflective properties.
We draw your attention that it is necessary to cover not less than 60% of its area.
Once the system is installed and started. Zebra heating elements are supplied with a current that is converted into thermal energy, under which all objects of the room (floor, furniture, etc.), located in the zone of the Zebra heating system, begin to warm up and give off heat.
An integral part of the Zebra heating system is the Temperature Controller, which continuously removes the room temperature readings and as soon as the set parameter reaches the required parameters, the system turns off.
With the power of the Zebra 66W heater, the system consumes only 10-20 W / h per m², since the heating system is not permanently in operation, but only for a certain time, on average it is about 5 to 20 minutes per hour (depending on insulation and structural features of the premises).
In order to properly select the required number of modular heaters, we recommend that you contact our company, the specialists will make a quick and free calculation.



Compared to any type of heating system, Zebra modular-type infrared film heaters have unique advantages!

The direction of the heat flow Zebra allows you to reach the set temperature parameters of the room in a short time, and thus save more electricity. The Zebra film heater has minimal temperature differences on the canvas. Thanks to the aluminum case, the temperature is evenly distributed. Zebra has a high efficiency of about 95%.

Heating, which uses infrared film heaters of modular type Zebra , has a record energy saving, as it requires only 10-20 W / h per meter of heated area, provided that the object is adequately insulated. It is installed only on 60% from a heated area of a premise.

The class of fire safety of heaters of modular type Zebra makes it possible to use these film heaters in any premises.

Reliability, durability and reliability of Zebra heaters are due to the nickel-containing alloy of the heating element, the simplicity of the design, the lack of mechanical work, rubbing elements, friction and, consequently, any wear.

Zebra heaters have a minimum working surface temperature of 50 ° at full load.

The Zebra modular type infrared film heater system does not require any preparation costs for the heating season, repairs, daily maintenance, can not be frozen and is designed for decades of continuous operation.

Due to the automatic control of the system of infra-red film heaters of the modular Zebra type, the owner's constant participation is not required. The room is maintained by an ideal microclimate with a temperature set on the thermostat.

Installation work can be done by yourself in a few days (detailed installation instructions are included). A building or a room of 100 m2 will be launched in less than a week by two people, regardless of the time of the year.

The system of infrared film heaters of modular type Zebra is absolutely imperceptible after finishing the ceiling or floor. The useful area of premises does not decrease. After finishing the installation, the system is closed with a finishing finish and is no longer visible: there are no pipes, batteries and other elements of traditional heating.

The absence of dust during the operation of the Zebra heating system is achieved by the fact that the air in the room is practically stationary. There is no noise. The absence of high temperatures on the heating elements provides protection against over-dried air.

Zebra heaters do not emit combustion products and harmful substances into the atmosphere, they have a beneficial effect on the body, which is provided by an infrared film heater.



In contrast to the water-heated floor, the Zebra modular-type infrared film heater system is easier to select and easier to install. It is the simplicity of the Zebra heater system that determines their high reliability!

The basic way of transferring heat from the Zebra heater is conduction.
When the Zebra warm floor system is switched on, the heat flow from the heating elements quickly begins to transfer to the floor surfaces, evenly distributing the comfort temperature over the entire heated surface. From the heated floor, in turn, the air in the room is rapidly heated. You can control the temperature in your room to within a degree! You set the desired temperature in degrees on the thermoregulator - and the system of the warm floor Zebra supports it in automatic mode. The warm floor of Zebra is economical: the system consumes just as much electricity as necessary to compensate for the heat lost by your room. The efficiency of infrared film heaters of modular Zebra type is almost equal to 95%.

So, the warm floor of Zebra is a reliable underfloor heating system that meets the highest requirements in terms of comfort and safety required for modern working and living conditions. By installing Zebra warm floors, you can use them in a wide range of tasks - from providing daily comfort to full functioning as a heating system.

An important property of the Zebra warm floor is that, due to the absence of high-temperature heat sources, the air in the room retains a natural moisture level, providing the most comfortable for a person microclimate.



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