The Zebra module is 0.5 mx 0.6 m (66W, 0.3 m 2) = € 14.

What is the main difference between the Zebra system and other infrared heaters?

The market is mainly filled with infrared film systems in the US, Korea and China. The heating elements of these systems are "carbon fiber", "carbon paste" and others. In fact, heating elements usually use graphite paste or other ingredients that do not have a high degree of fire safety. The main difference between the Zebra heater and other infrared film systems is the nickel contained in the heating element, which determines its durable, fireproof and trouble-free operation.

Is it possible to install the Zebra heating system on your own?

Yes it is possible. To this end, we provide detailed printed instructions for installation, as well as provide full consultation by phone.

How much electricity does Zebra consume?

Consumption of modular infrared heaters Zebra averages from 10 to 20 watts per square meter per hour. It should be remembered that everything depends on the quality of the thermal insulation of the site.

Is it possible to install a Zebra heater in modular homes?

Yes it is possible. The infrared film modulation system Zebra has a high class of fire safety. And this is an important factor in the choice of heating for modular homes.

What do I need besides installing Zebra for editing?

To create a complete Zebra heating system, you must also have: temperature regulators (heat regulators), heat-resistant insulation and connecting wires. You can learn more about installation and installation, leaving a request for consultation with us.

How can I order a Zebra infrared heater system?

Just leave a request on the site, our manager will contact you and make an order. Within 2-7 days after payment, you will be able to receive an order at the specified address. Delivery is free of charge for Bulgaria.

In which countries is the delivery carried out?

In any country. Delivery costs are further discussed.

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