Compared to any type of heating system, Zebra modular-type infrared film heaters have unique advantages!

Zebra heaters do not emit combustion products and harmful substances into the atmosphere, they have a beneficial effect on the body, which is provided by an infrared film heater.

The direction of the heat flow Zebra allows you to reach the set temperature parameters of the room in a short time, and thus save more electricity. The Zebra film heater has minimal temperature differences on the canvas. Thanks to the aluminum case, the temperature is evenly distributed. Zebra has a high efficiency of about 95%.

Heating, which uses infrared film heaters of modular type Zebra , has a record energy saving, as it requires only 10-20 W / h per meter of heated area, provided that the object is adequately insulated. It is installed only on 60% from a heated area of a premise.

The class of fire safety of heaters of modular type Zebra makes it possible to use these film heaters in any premises.

Reliability, durability and reliability of Zebra heaters are due to the nickel-containing alloy of the heating element, the simplicity of the design, the lack of mechanical work, rubbing elements, friction and, consequently, any wear.

Zebra heaters have a minimum working surface temperature of 50 ° at full load.

The Zebra modular type infrared film heater system does not require any preparation costs for the heating season, repairs, daily maintenance, can not be frozen and is designed for decades of continuous operation.

Due to the automatic control of the system of infra-red film heaters of the modular Zebra type, the owner's constant participation is not required. The room is maintained by an ideal microclimate with a temperature set on the thermostat.

Installation work can be done by yourself in a few days (detailed installation instructions are included). A building or a room of 100 m2 will be launched in less than a week by two people, regardless of the time of the year.

The system of infrared film heaters of modular type Zebra is absolutely imperceptible after finishing the ceiling or floor. The useful area of premises does not decrease. After finishing the installation, the system is closed with a finishing finish and is no longer visible: there are no pipes, batteries and other elements of traditional heating.

The absence of dust during the operation of the Zebra heating system is achieved by the fact that the air in the room is practically stationary. There is no noise. The absence of high temperatures on the heating elements provides protection against over-dried air.

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